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Pundits is an on-demand homework help app for students.

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How Pundits works

Get answers in a flash!

  • 1 Snap a photo of your homework problem.
  • 2 Connect with one of our amazing tutors via Pundits Livestream Canvas.
  • 3 Rewatch sessions so you never have to take notes!

Currently saving lives in…

  • Algebra Ⅰ
  • Algebra Ⅱ
  • Geometry
  • coming soon SAT English
  • Physics
  • Calculus
  • ACT Math
  • SAT Math
  • coming soon Spanish
  • coming soon Latin
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calc
  • Chemistry
  • coming soon ACT English
  • coming soon French


What students and parents are saying

"I’ve tried other educational apps, but Pundits offers a uniquely personalized experience. With Pundits, I can get the help I need with my individual questions. Pundits is the app that every student dreams of having when stuck on a difficult problem."
Ryan S.
Recently, my daughter was alerted to Pundits by a friend. The process couldn't have been simpler, and most importantly, more effective than traditional tutoring. She simply logged on, found the expert she required, and received precisely the help she needed. The results were fantastic and nearly instantaneous! If only Pundits had been around ten years ago, I could've been spared countless hours of anxiety!
Monica H.
Pundits is easy to use and a real lifesaver when you get stuck on homework. You can just take a picture of each question you have and submit it. You don’t even have to wait for one question to be answered before uploading another, and you can come back and view the solution anytime.
Victoria T.


What is Pundits?
Pundits is a homework help app that lets you ask real live tutors questions anytime from your phone. Stuck on a question? Just take a pic, submit it and wait for a tutor to connect with you! You’ll be unstuck in no time!
How does Pundits work?
Take a pic of your homework problem and submit it on our app. Within minutes, a tutor will connect with you and answer your question. Still confused? You can even talk to your tutor directly in Pundits live sessions and ask them to explain specific topics.
What if I miss part of the session?
Don’t worry! Pundits sessions are recorded and saved in your personal feed. For every question you ask, you are able to review the video of the answer at any time, as many times as you want, at no extra charge. You can even share sessions with friends!
I’m new. Can I try it for free?
Of course! New users get 10 minutes of free tutoring. You can also check out unlimited sessions from our library for free whenever you want.
What subjects are available on Pundits?
Pundits tutors are currently answering questions in the following subjects: Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus and Chemistry. We will be adding ACT and SAT English soon.
What kind of training do Pundits tutors have?
Our tutors are experts in their fields, and have strong teaching and/or tutoring experience.Each tutor has to pass a test in each subject they tutor in order to work with us. We only hire the best!
How much does Pundits cost?
The first 10 minutes are free! After that, it’s a dollar a minute. Our sessions are designed to be super efficient, so most questions average just 6-8 tokens, or $6-8. Harder problems, or multi-question problems take a little longer.
How is this cheaper than my regular tutor?
We created Pundits so you can save money on tutoring! Instead of spending $60-100/ week on tutors, you can spend $20 or $30, get your questions answered and rewatch the sessions anytime you need a refresher.
Why do you charge for tutoring? Other apps are free.
A lot of cheaper or free apps use search engines like Google to answer your questions, meaning, the answer may not be very helpful, clear or accurate. We pay real live humans to answer your questions and make sure that they are experts in what they’re teaching.
Will Pundits help me do better in school?
Sometimes your teacher is really confusing. Other times, even though you understood the problem in class but can’t seem to remember how to do it on your own. Pundits lets you ask a specific question that you’re stuck on and we give you a step by step lesson on how to solve it so that you can do similar problems on your own. Our tutors don’t just tell you the answer, and you can rely on them, no matter how few or many questions you have.
What are pre-recorded videos?
Free videos you can watch at anytime that are in the main Pundits feed! Browse other students’ sessions and you just might find the answer you need without ever spending a dollar! We also have free videos on different topics like finding the area of a triangle or rationalizing fractions available on your school feed through Pundits Academy.
Is my payment information secure?
Pundits uses Stripe to secure payments and ensure all billing info is treated with the highest and most updated security measures. For more information on their security practices, please visit
I already have a tutor, why should I use Pundits?
Awesome that you already have a tutor. But we know sometimes you need help when they aren’t available, or when you only need five or ten minutes of their time. Instead of dealing with the hassle of scheduling, or having to wait a couple days to talk to them, you can ping our tutors and get help right away. Pundits helps you with questions anytime, anywhere. Pundits is a more affordable, more convenient and more customized tool for getting homework help and preparing for tests. Traditional tutoring requires a minimum of an hour-long session, which can cost upwards of $60/hr. It also requires transportation and scheduling, which proves cumbersome with busy parent and student schedules. With Pundits, you pay for help only with the questions you are stuck on or don’t understand. You don’t lose time traveling to meet with a tutor and can get help even while away from home. You can ask questions from airports, cafes, trains--wherever you are!
Can Pundits help with off-hours questions?
Yes! Our tutors are notified via text and on their iPads via push notifications whenever new questions are asked. We keep a large pool of qualified tutors to ensure that you get a timely answer to your question no matter what time you ask it.
I need more tokens. What do I do?
Go to the “get tokens” link in the app. You can purchase packages directly, or send your parents a text to reload them for you! Super easy!

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