Parents  |  January 17, 2018

Why every student needs a tutor

Tutoring, because of how expensive and inaccessible it can be, might seem frivolous. But actually, even if your student is doing well in school, tutoring can be a great tool to strengthen students’ long-term performance and overall capacity for learning.

A few reasons why you should get your student a tutor today:

1. Establishing a foundation.

You’d be surprised how quickly a student can fall behind; and how hard it is to get back on track. Tutoring establishes an early base of conceptual understanding so that when the curriculum becomes more difficult, students are ready to handle it. More than this, tutors teach students the basics of how to study and organize their schoolwork, which will prove invaluable throughout their academic careers.

2. Tailoring learning to individual needs.

One size does not fit all, particularly when it comes to learning. Unfortunately, the way most classrooms are designed, there’s not much room for customized, one-on-one instruction. Providing students with this individualized attention will allow flexibility for the student to dictate how they most effectively learn, and thus, foster greater progress than if solely ruling on group instruction in the classroom.

3. Creating a safe space.

Many students are intimidated by their teachers, peers and parents, and hate to admit they don’t understand for fear of looking stupid or causing disappointment. Tutors allow for students to be honest about where they are at and seek the help they need and deserve.

4. Building confidence.

The best tutors will not only work with students on concepts they struggle with, but on reinforcing concepts at which they are adept. Self-esteem and confidence will build as students master new concepts and earn praise for their dexterity with old ones.

5. Encouraging practice.

Often times, students go on break and forget what they’ve learned. Tutors will keep students in practice on core concepts they will need when school starts up again.