Study Tips  |  August 01, 2017

5 Ways Being Organized Can Help you Succeed at School

We’ve all been there. Your email inbox is bursting. Your desk is a mess. Your math binder is overstuffed and nothing is in order. You can’t figure out where anything is, and you’re frustrated, annoyed and out of energy.


Disorganization doesn’t seem like an immediate problem most of the time, especially if you can still find what you’re looking for. But it impacts more than you think, including your mood, your health, and your productivity.


Here are a few reasons you should get your desk tidied up today:

  1. It’ll help you de-stress and feel happier.

School is already stressful, so if you want to get through the latest set of exams without combusting, it’s best to figure out ways to reduce and not increase your stress, anxiety and depression levels. A clear, organized workspace helps create visual calm and as a result, mental calm. You know that saying you are what you eat? Same thing applies here.


2) You will eat better.

Speaking of eating, studies show that people with organized desks tend to make healthier eating choices. When everything is already a mess, it’s easy to say, give me one more chip or cookie. But when it’s all neat and tidy, you might feel like junk food doesn’t match your aesthetic anymore. Which is a good thing, because healthier foods also help boost your energy levels and moods. Ever try studying when you’re in a bad mood and exhausted? Doesn’t go too well, does it?

3) It’ll save you time.

Ever spend an hour trying to find your homework assignment or your keys? If you organize your things better, you’ll know where important items. In a world where everything has a place, it’s easier to put things back in their place. Math homework? Well, it’s in your math folder, of course! Paperclips? In the cup on your desk and not scattered throughout drawers or on the floor.


4) You’ll be energized in the process.

Just like exercise gets your blood pumping and can help you focus better on your work, cleaning and organizing can give you a boost that will propel you through the rest of your day. Get your endorphins pumping, set a timer for ten or fifteen minutes, and get tidying!

5) You’ll sleep better.

Sleep is everything. This might sound like a hilarious exaggeration written by a sleep-deprived person, but it’s the truth. Your body is working hard every day and without proper rest, it’ll start malfunctioning. What will go with it? Your memory, your health, and your sanity. Clutter can get in the way of good sleep, contribute to insomnia, restlessness and early wake ups. First thing is first, get the television and electronics out of your room. Then create a sleep routine, that includes tidying your nightstand. You’ll also sleep better if you make your bed first