Is mobile Tutoring Safe?

While we can’t speak for all of the other apps out there, we can tell you that Pundits is a safe platform for your students to engage with tutors and get the homework help they need. Getting your student the help you need can be hard enough without having to also worrying about students’ safety and data security.

Here are some features we employ to ensure that you and your student are protected:

  • Student names are not shared in the public feed.
  • Tutors can only see a first initial and last name when they pick up a student’s question.
  • Students and tutors cannot see each other on the session video. The only visible object is the whiteboard.
  • We do not record student audio. Only tutors voices are recorded.
  • Our tutors are located all over the country, and locations of students and tutors are not shared. Students cannot select specific tutors, and sessions are short and problem-based.
  • Tutors are background checked, even though they are not meeting students in person, for an added layer of security.
  • Comments that appear on sessions are monitored for offensive language and appropriateness.
  • Inappropriate questions or photos attempted to be shared through the app will not even appear on the feed. Tutors who see such activity will not answer student questions and will report the issue to our admin team.
  • Payments are handled by a third-party system, Stripe, which adheres strictly to the latest security protocols.

If you have a security concern we haven’t addressed here, please feel free to ping us at We’d love to help answer your questions!

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