Mobile tutoring vs. in-home tutoring

Traditionally, tutoring has been done in-person. But with increasingly busy schedules for kids and parents, growing traffic, and ballooning costs, mobile tutoring presents a better option for students and parents alike.

Here are a few advantages of mobile tutoring versus in-home tutoring:

No more strangers in your house!

The week is long and hard enough without having to make small talk with tutors, and tip-toe around your own house.

Only pay for the help your student needs.

In-person tutoring is more expensive simply because it is more of a commitment for tutors. No one will drive to your house for a half hour session, so you have to contract a minimum of an hour of tutor time, even when your student only needs ten or 15 minutes.

Stop driving around.

Not only is running a shuttle service for your kids exhausting, but it’s often impossible, which means you need to arrange rides, pay for/ trust rideshares, or force your student to Google their homework. Instead, connect them to real, live tutors with Pundits not matter where your student is located.

Save time vetting.

We do all the vetting for you, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time deliberating tutors’ teaching styles or qualifications. We also background check our tutors.

No off-hours.

We all know students don’t always do their homework when they are supposed to, which means, the moments when they are stuck often arise at weird times, when most in-person tutors would be unavailable to take questions. Pundits tutors, however, are available late at night and early in the morning, ensuring your student gets the help he or she needs, at the push of a button.

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